New Media Technology: Virtual Reality

There has always been tension when emerging technology is created leaving people to question its effect on humans. This might be because humans dislike change or because there is an actual risk to humans. Humanities reaction to change is probably for the better, similar to how nervousness prepares us for the worst possible outcome. It is good that we question emerging tech in order to better understand its capabilities and how we need to approach it. Continue reading “New Media Technology: Virtual Reality”


Portfolio Site

I was lectured a while back upon the goal of what it takes to get a job. The advice was blatantly obvious, but it has really taken the background in my mentality when looking to be hired. I share it without a direct quote, because I don’t remember who said it, but the aha moment made me remember their genius wisdom offering. The mindset they shared was the idea of presenting to the employer what you can do to make their team better. That’s it. I feel ridiculous with making this sound like the secret to life, but I feel like it’s a beneficial mindset. Continue reading “Portfolio Site”